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Disclosure Agreement Pertaining to Health Care Compliance

  1. Seller recognizes that there are a variety of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations governing healthcare and including the practice of providing health care services specific to the Seller’s specialty.
  2. Many of the compliance regulations center on the documentation of medical necessity, rendering of treatment and the billing of patients and third party insurance carriers for services rendered.
  3. The practice statistics, profit and loss statements and tax returns all reflect the actual services and collections of the seller’s clinic. Buyers assume that the numbers provided by the seller are accurate and reflect billing that is in compliance with all state, federal and professional regulations. If it is found, after the sale, that the services and collections prior to the sale were based on non-compliant practices and therefore not sustainable by the Purchaser, the Purchaser may sue for damages and/or revocation of the practice sale.
  4. If buyers purchase account receivables from Sellers, the collection of the account receivables should not be delayed or denied due to non-compliance issues involving the seller of the account receivables.
  5. If the practice is not in compliance with applicable regulations, such non-compliance can and may lead to significant problems, including but not limited to fines, penalties, probation, revocation, and damages, during and after the closing of the sale.
  6. Although it is not required, Agent, Epracticesales, LLC, strongly recommends that Seller have a compliance audit performed prior to completion of the sale in order to ensure that the chiropractic practice is compliant. The compliance audit should be performed by an attorney Certified in Health Care Compliance (CHC). For recommendations, call Epracticesales.
  7. Regardless of whether Seller participates in the recommended compliance audit, Epracticesales, LLC is not liable for any damages, rescission, or other liabilities which may be incurred from any non-compliance on the part of Seller and Seller’s chiropractic practice, nor will any fees earned by Epracticesales be forfeited or returned once said fees have been received by Epracticesales.
  8. The seller’s agent (Epracticesales) makes no representations or warranties to Buyer about the compliance of the chiropractic practice. Any and all representations regarding the Seller’s Practice, including those representations pertaining to liabilities, assets, and compliance, are made solely by Seller.

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