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Payment dependant on seller agency. If EPRACTICESALES is the seller’s agent, there are no fees to the buyer. If EPRACTICESALES is the buyer’s agent, fee is 7% of the sale. Payment due in full upon closing.


 - Location services

 - Appraisal

 - Cash flow analysis

 - Price negotiation

 - Review accounts receivable

 - Coordinate professionals (attorney, accountant, escrow agent)

 - Coordinate financing

 - Transition planning & implementation

 - Follow-up consultation


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FINANCIAL ELIGIBILITY- Required by the seller before release of the Practice Profile.
Will you require a loan if you wish to purchase this practice? 
Are you a USA citizen or do you have a have a “Green Card” 
Do you have the required 15% cash down payment that most lenders require? 
Have you ever declared bankruptcy? 
Are you currently licensed to practice in the state of this practice? 


EPRACTICESALES, LLC (EPS) and/or ANY LICENSEE or BROKER AFFILIATE (BA), hereinafter referred to as (EPS/BA) will, in connection with the possible purchase of the practice disclosed, furnish proprietary or other confidential information about the practice. This confidential information may include, but is not limited to, information relating to the financial condition, operations, and prospects for future growth of the practice.

In consideration of EPS/BA providing information relative to ANY/ALL EPRACTICESALES REPRESENTED LISTINGS, hereinafter referred to as the PRACTICE, the undersigned, by affixing their signature hereto, represents and agrees as follows:

  1. The undersigned is not a practice broker or an agent, affiliate, or other representative of a practice broker or a practice management firm;
  2. EPS/BA shall be the exclusive listing agent representing the seller of the PRACTICE;
  3. The undersigned shall provide to EPS/BA and owner/seller a signed version of this Agreement before any disclosure of confidential information will be made;
  4. The undersigned shall not contact, directly or otherwise, any owner, employee, supplier, competitor, attorney, accountant, or client of the PRACTICE, except through EPS/BA, who are designated hereby to be the sole and exclusive agent(s) for such contact;
  5. The information and documents disclosed are private in nature and shall remain confidential. Disclosure of any such information or documentation associated with the PRACTICE will cause irreparable harm and damage to the PRACTICE;
  6. The undersigned shall not divulge, disseminate, or otherwise reveal or cause to be revealed, except to immediate advisory and fiduciary parties, that the PRACTICE is for sale, and will require of all fiduciaries and/or advisors that they abide by the terms of this Agreement;
  7. All communication between parties to the transaction, be they actual or potential, will be through EPS/BA, unless and until specific permission to the contrary is granted by EPS/BA;
  8. The undersigned agrees that any confidential information disclosed or obtained as a result of due diligence, shall not be used or divulged for personal benefit other than such associated with the purchase of the PRACTICE;
  9. The undersigned will evaluate all information and documentation provided within a reasonable time period. If the undersigned opts not to pursue the proposed transaction, the undersigned will promptly advise EPS/BA of the decision and immediately return all proprietary information without retaining copies, extracts, or summaries thereof. The undersigned understands that this agreement remains binding even after the return of any proprietary material;
  10. The undersigned releases and holds harmless EPS/BA with respect to any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations concerning any information or documentation provided to the undersigned in connection with the PRACTICE. Furthermore, EPS/BA make(s) no representation or warranty (express or implied) as to the accuracy and/or completeness of the information or documentation provided. All due diligence will be performed by the undersigned to the satisfaction of the same;
  11. The undersigned agrees that the confidential nature of the relationship between EPS/BA and the owner/seller is an asset and that breach of the terms of this Agreement by the undersigned will result in significant harm to EPS/BA. The undersigned therefore agrees that the greater of Five Thousand and no/100 Dollars ($5,000.00) or Seven Percent (7%) of the listed sale price of the PRACTICE is a fair estimate of the damages that EPS will sustain and agrees to the imposition and payment of such sum as liquidated damages to EPS in the event this Agreement is breached by the undersigned. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees that in the event legal action must be instituted to enforce the terms of this agreement, the substantially prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs; and
  12. EPS/BA shall not reveal to anyone other than the owner/seller and the BA (if applicable), any conversations, correspondence, or confidential information obtained from the undersigned in regards to this potential transaction.
  13. The undersigned state that I am not conducting an investigation on behalf of any governmental agency or any other practice, business, supplier or competitor of Seller or Seller's Agent, Epracticesales, LLC.

I agree to the NDA:

By registering for an account at , I consent to receiving information , notices and advertisements from Epracticsales via phone, fax, email and mail. I understand and agree that I may opt out at any time, requesting that Epracticesales not send information, notices or advertisements by at least one of the following opt out mechanisms :

- Call request to 1-800-227-6603
- Fax request to 1-800-227-6603
- Email request to

Failure to comply with your request within 30 days is unlawfull.